Waiting List

We do not guarantee any spots will open but if they do we will contact names on this list, be sure we have your current contact,  a partner and boat info ready, you will have 1 day to accept or decline the spot before we move on the the next name on the list. If you decline or cannot be reached your name will be removed from the list. The list is cleared of all names each year.

 2022 Waiting List
1Jake Emig
2Brian Morley
3Kurt Davidson
4Marty Hottot
5Trevor Cannon
6Mike Kolthoff
7Matt Merla
8Dave Chong
9Josh Craig
10Sean Hodgins
11Dave Duckworth
12Oliver Grigull
13Jim Watson
14Conrad Pankonin
15Dava Robichaud
16Marco Bucci
17Dave Braniff
18Colin Friel
19Joshua Gould
20Justin Schmerheim