2022 Registration Form

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Welcome to the 2022 Canadian Tire Mitchell's Bay Open Entry Form.

To get ready for the form please have the following information.

  1. Complete Captain Contact Information. Captains must be 18 or older.
  2. Captain's Valid Fishing License or exemption.
  3. Conservation Licenses are not accepted.
  4. Complete Partner Contact Information.
  5. If your partner is under 18 a Parental Consent form is required.
  6. Partner's Valid Fishing License or exemption.
  7. Boat & Motor information, including Registration Number, Insurance Company and Policy Number.
  8. Boats must be 14 feet or over and have working livewell(s).
  9. Entry Fees are $420.00 Canadian Funds, includes the $20.00 Angler Big Fish Pool.
  10. Mitchell's Bay Marine Park offers us a special launch fee. It includes daily launches from the Tuesday before the tournament until the last day of the tournament, the cost is $50.00 Canadian.
Official Pre-Fish Day is Thursday July 7/22, all boats must ends any fishing and be off the water by 5 pm

Tournament days are Friday and Saturday
Sunday is reserved if we have a weather cancelation.
The Registration meeting and Angler Dinner is Thursday evening.