2021 Registered Team List

2019 Boat Numbers are shown, 2021 Boat Numbers will be Drawn and posted before the tournament.

See Below Chart For Important Information

2019 Boat#Team NamesRamp SpecialEntry Fee 
1Kevin Broadwood - Curtis McFaddenNoComplete
2Cliff Roebuck - Brenton RoebuckNoBalance Due
3Mark Thomson - Lynda SlaterNoComplete
4Erick Hodgins - Mark PicheYesComplete
5Dave Demers - Chris ShermanNoComplete
6Robert Stanley - Steve ClapperNoComplete
7Peter Cuciurean - Debbie CuciureanNoFull Fee Due
8Rick Tessier - Brad SmithNoComplete
9Marc Whitworth - Chris MajerleYesBalance Due
10John Mallet - Matt CareyNoComplete
11Ken Robinson - Paul BrynNoComplete
12Derek Strub - Marcel LambercyNoComplete
13Colin Stass - John McGuiganNoComplete
14Craig Carey - Mark BethuneYesComplete
15Dave McCready - Jeff WickensNoComplete
16 Carl Linker - Mike LinzmajerNoComplete
17Jason Clay - Matt BelzilNoComplete
18Alex MacDonald Jr - Dane MacDonaldYesComplete
19Dean Donovan - Tyler BradleyNoBalance Due
20Aaron Hathaway - Natalie HathawayYesComplete
21Dylan Carnegie - Christien BeigNoComplete
22Jeff Gibson - Dan MasonNoBalance Due
23Andrew Lirette - Aidan LiretteYesComplete
24Todd Strom - Rose StormNoComplete
25Harry Monteith - Kate MonteithYesComplete
26Matt Monteith - Amanda PhillpsYesComplete
27Ken Van De Wal - Martin NearyNoComplete
28Rick Damphouse - Stacey McBrideNoPrize Entry
29Bruno Tavolieri - Jack WoodNoComplete
30Steve Middle - Bob BoomerNoFull Fee Due
31Dylan Russell - Rodney HarrisonNoComplete
32Nick Bell - Greg MartinNoComplete
33Mike Lambrech - John BishopNoBalance Due
34Ryan Finnie - Don LeaderYesComplete
35Andy Soan - Ted SoanYesComplete
36John Shields - Dave ShieldsNoBalance Due
37Gary Cowan - Brandyn BroadwoodNoComplete
38Roger Baillargeon - Rick BaillargeonNoComplete
39Paul Lernout - J.P. ShawNoFull Fee Due
40Nick Iannetta - Domenic GiannottiNoComplete
41Dave Reault - Charles ReaultNoFull Fee Due
42Elliot Lewis - Brady McdonaldNoComplete
43Kevin Billingsley - Dave BillingsleyYesComplete
44Wayne Izumi - Joslyn LeungNoComplete
45Dave Duckworth - Aspen DuckworthNoComplete
46Phil LachanceNoFull Fee Due
47Mike Krakana - Tom DeanNoComplete
48Jim Watson - Steve ConstantineYesComplete
49Cole Bailey - John VinenNoComplete
50Ken Answorth- Derek GoldieNoComplete
51 Bill Valberg - Chad WentzellNoComplete
52Jesse Myers - Sam MyersNoBalance Due
53Gary Mantil - Richard LaframboiseNoComplete
54Dean Franklin - Mike FranklinNoComplete
55Jason Coll - Shawn GallNoBalance Due
56Oliver GrigullNoFull Fee Due
57Blake Wilson - Carly PinsonneaultNoComplete
58Steve Voros - Nick CousvisYesComplete
59Archie Grim - Shawn GrimYesComplete
60Mike Emrich - Chris GebalNoComplete
61Tim Fernandes - Peter MarroccoNoComplete
62James Labombard -Jesse TedfordNoComplete
63Tonk King - Tom JohnsonYesComplete
64Darren Marcine - Kim BaletkiNoPrize Entry
65Greg Ward - Jeff WieringaNoFull Fee Due
66Mike Kizis - Shaun TangNoComplete
67Brian Scurr - David ScurrYesComplete
68Chris Latty - John GrattonNoComplete
69Scott Malik - Jim MalikNoBalance Due
70Ian Jones -Alan CattrysseNoBalance Due
71Erik Urban - Jeremy TetraultNoComplete
72Chris Sauve - Frank WongNoBalance Due
73Grant Weber - Adam Klien - HorsmanNoComplete
74John Kopcok - Derrick SouilliereNoComplete
75Ryan Gold - T.J.McLartyNoBalance Due
76John Maniaci - Darren LearNoBalance Due
77Hunter Burk - Luke FancyNoComplete
78Brent Cadotte - Cheryl AlexanderNoComplete
79Matt Kelly - Felicia PavelichYesComplete
80Ryan Meesters - Derek BonnettNoComplete
81Kyle Nead - Allister FerrisNoComplete

Entry Fees and Options

  • The 2021 Full Entry fee is $400.00 only CDN funds.
  • The 2021 Balance Payment is $300.00 only CDN funds.
  • The NSF Fee is $50.00.
  • All deposits are Non-Refundable.
  • Spots will not be held without a fully completed Registration Form and Payment.
  • Entry Forms will not be accepted without a Partner and all requested information.
  • E-Transfers – please only send E-Transfers to onlinesales@mitchellsbayopen.com


  • Fully Paid Registrations completed on or before January 31, 2020 qualifies for the Early Bird Draw.
  • If you received a refund due to Covid for the cancelled 2020 tournament, please send your balance for the Entry Fee by March 31, 2021. Contact us (admin@mitchellsbayopen) if you need to now how much you owe.
  • USA teams that have a balance to pay for their Entry Fee please CONFIRM with us that you are or are not fishing the tournament. Due to our not using Paypal and the lack of E-Transfer between Canada and the USA your balance can be paid when you arrive for the tournament.
  • If you are registered and will not be fishing the 2021 tournament due to Covid or do not wish to fish due to our 2021 reduced “Social Distancing” event (details to follow) please apply for a full refund before March 31, 2021.
  • If the borders remain closed we will automatically forward our registered USA teams to 2022 unless they wish to drop out.

Other Info

  • You are required to bring your current Fishing Licence, Boater Card, Boat Insurance info to the Registration Meeting. (Details to follow)
  • No entry may be given, sold or otherwise transfered to anyone other than the registered Team Partner. If the Team Captain cannot fish the Partner becomes the Captain or the entry must be relinquished. A Captain may only be changed once.