2021 Canadian Tire Mitchell’s Bay Open Blast Off procedure.

For the first 6 years of this tournament we kept the team/boat numbers the same each year, and blasted off the same way each day, ie #1 to the last team # in split flights if required.

Last year we had planned to change it by popular request but unfortunately covid and government restrictions got in the way and caused us to have to cancel the tournament. This year we are determined to fish! We have had to reduce some features 🙁 of the event and will probably have a few safety precautions to follow.

Check-in will be Friday morning. please arrive early and have ALL your paperwork. There will be info packages, Boat Number stickers, (hopefully free ice again), etc. for all teams at check-in.
Boat Check will be at the Marine Park ramps as you launch each morning, if not launching at Marine Park you will need to come in for Boat Check.

Blast off will be near the end of the Marine Park channel as always. Weigh-in location will not be at the Marina and the location will be very close to the water so Teams will not need to leave their boats. The weigh-in location will be easy to find and all teams will have the location.

New Team/Boat Numbers were randomly generated yesterday and are posted on our website,

Day 1 blast off order will be Team/Boat #1 to #81 ( a few more if our USA teams can make it) in 2 flights of 40 about 1/2 hour apart. Weigh-in at 3pm

Day 2 we’ll reverse the order and blast off starting at Team/Boat #81 to #1 (more if the USA teams make it) in 2 flights of 40 about 1/2 hour apart. Weigh-in at 3:30pm