2018 Registered Team List

Boat#NamesEarly Bird
1Kevin Broadwood - Curtis McFaddenYes
2Cliff Roebuck - Brenton RoebuckYes
3Mark Thompson - Lynda SlaterYes
4Erick Hodgins - Mark PicheYes
5Dave Demers - Chris ShermanYes
6Robert Stanley - TBAYes
7Peter Cuciurean - Debbie CuciureanYes
8Rick Tessier - Brad SmithYes
9Marc Whitworth -Tyrone TylerYes
10Douglas Whitlock - Barbara HubbardYes
11John Mallet - Matt CareyYes
12Ken Robinson - Paul BrynYes
13Derek Strub - Marcel LambercyYes
14Colin Stass - Ric HeemsbergenYes
15Mark Bethune - Craig CareyYes
16Dave McCready - Jeff WickensYes
17Carl Linker - Mike LinzmajerYes
18Ryan Gold - Alan CattrysseYes
19Jason Clay - Eric HillYes
20Alex Macdonald Jr - Alex Macdonald SrYes
21Dean Donovan - TBAYes
22Aaron Hathaway - Natalie HathawayYes
23Roland Van Veldhuisen - Shawn BelangerYes
25Dan Mason - Jeff GibsonYes
26Andrew Lirette - Aidan LiretteYes
27Todd Strom - Rose StromYes
28Harry Monteith - Kate MonteithYes
29Matt Monteith - TBAYes
30James Lebold - TBAYes
31Ken Van De Wal - BenKentYes
32Rick Damphouse - Stacey McBrideYes
33Bruno Tavolieri - Jack WoodYes
34Steve Middel - Bob BoomerYes
35Dylan Russell - TBAYes
36Nick Bell - Greg MartinYes
37Mike Lambrech - John BishopYes
38Jay Baker - Don LeaderYes
39Andy Soan - TBAYes
40John Shields - TBAYes
41John McGuigan - Barry LidsterYes
42Gary Cowan - Mike EmerichYes
43Roger Baillargeon - Rick BaillargeonYes
44Nick Iannetta - TBAYes
45Paul Lernout - JP ShawYes
46Dave Reault - Charles ReaultYes

Listed above are the teams who are registered for the 2018 tournament.
Team numbers are used for Blast Off position
BOTH days of the tournament!